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Nitzan, is a Manhattan based Interior Designer, known for high-end, calm interiors and a coordinating warm-modern furniture collection.

The studio has sought to avoid the fussy, over-accessorized interiors that seemed to be the norm. This approach has resulted in a loyal following of clients interested in his refined and beautifully executed interiors.

With a profound appreciation for quality craftsmanship and the use of natural materials, Nitzan collaborates with international craftsmen and artisans to create interiors that combine a tasteful simplicity with an understated elegance.

Resisting trends while maintaining a clean design sensibility, Nitzan's work is characterized by timelessness, calm beauty and "quiet" luxury.

Nitzan has worked on a wide range of diverse residential and commercial projects. Projects in the US range from New York apartments, lofts, townhouses and offices to summer houses in the Hamptons.

Recent International projects have included a London Pied-a-Terre and design concepts for a Jerusalem Hotel.

Since founding NITZAN DESIGN and later the NITZAN HOME furniture collection for designers and architects with his partner Dale, pieces from the collection have been featured in many of his projects, as well as  leading hotels and residential projects around the world.

Nitzan Design | Modern, Minimal Interior Design | New York City, NY

Reviews & Testimonials

I first saw Nitzan's work in houzz and was immediately impressed with the clean bold lines that permeated his designs. It was just what my wife and I were looking for and it wasn't long before we started working with him. We had some strong ideas of our own, but Nitzan was great at explaining his perspectives and showing us a better way. He was very gracious with his time and even though we procrastinated on many issues he never lost his patience or kindness. He was very receptive to our budget and always found ways to accommodate us. At the end of the process he was no longer just our designer, but had become our friend as well.

-Myron Ronis

I found Nitzan in HOUZZ web page. By browsing through his work, I immediately deeply fell in love with his design and taste. Since this was for my first house, I had so many naïve first timers’ questions and concerns. Nitzan and his partner, Dale patiently answered fully to all of my questions in very friendly manner to make me comfortable to start my master bedroom project. During the project, we used local contractors for recess lights and window treatments installation. Dale and Nitzan talked to my contractors directly to guide all details of work before and during the installation for me, so that I didn't need to worry about execution at all. When installations were finished, Nitzan and Dale checked, and if it’s not perfect, they had contractors to re-do it. Nitzan has own people for the bedroom wall installation; those peoples are also very professional and perfectionists on their work. Nitzan’s selection of materials and colors in my bedroom were very modern, sophisticated, yet warm to live with. All those elements together, he made my bedroom absolutely beautiful. My original plan was to decorate only my master bedroom for this time. However, because of Nitzan’s marvelous work of my bedroom, I wanted to have his design more in my house, so I requested him to design my dining room as well. For the dining room, he chose more interesting combination of material, shape, and colors; it seems his creativity has been getting better and better. Currently, it’s in the middle of the project, but I’m already excited about to have another masterpiece in my house! I am so lucky to find Nitzan; it looks like my love at first sight has become true love!

-Mako Araga

Extremely happy with everything we did with Nitzan Design. Used them to design my 2400 square foot loft apartment in Manhattan from start to finish. I live out of state and relied on them to handle everything. They designed beautiful built ins and many pieces of furniture. All of the work is top notch top at a fair price. They are always responsive and are a pleasure to do business with. I see a long term relationship with them and can highly recommend them to anyone. P.S. They have many of their own products and their sheets are the best I've ever come across.

-Mary Kasbar

Working with Nitzan and Dale over the years has always been such a pleasure! This team consistently approaches my projects - large or small - with enthusiasm. On several occasions Nitzan has boarded a plane from NYC to Dallas to visit my job sites to determine how his products can be incorporated. As a design professional, I rely on this type of invaluable service from my suppliers. As I believe our credibility with our clients is directly linked to their knowledge, experience, ability to meet quality standards, and project deadlines, I offer that Nitzan and Dale do not disappoint. Nitzan's keen eye for quality in material selections, construction details, and superb craftsmanship is reliable, informed, and unmatched by many of our peers. I love his light-hearted spirit while collaborating to create inspiring modern interiors. For these reasons and more, I highly recommend Nitzan and Dale to anyone who appreciates quality and innovative modern design.

-Art of Living Modern

I have been patiently waiting for an opportunity to work with the oh so talented and charming Nitzan. I drool over his website and am obsessed with his own design products. When I bought my cottage in East Hampton it was an easy decision to work with him but I didn’t know quite how happy I would be! Nitzan and his wonderful partner Dale made what can so often be a stressful process so easy. From the first meeting when they immediately “got” my vision to when they presented the proposals, it was a smooth, efficient process. I loved everything they suggested. They were a joy to work with, responsive, very well organized and stayed within my budget. Everything was delivered on schedule and is perfect, from the large pieces of furniture to the small accent pieces. The attention to detail was amazing. Everything was perfectly sized and all worked together beautifully. Dale and Nitzan took the bare bones of a good house and made it into my dream home. The final is even better than I imagined. Can’t wait to work with them on my next project and wholeheartedly recommend them.


I have been speechless all weekend enjoying our new Bridgehampton home. I can hardly believe how much you and Dale transformed the space - the house looks like a new build! I have woken up each morning and just re-explored, noticing different details each time. Thank you!! We absolutely love you work and your process.

-Hina Talib

Nitzan Tagansky is the brilliant, creative and friendly force behind Nitzan design. Together with his partner Dale they worked tirelessly to help us build our dream house from scratch. In February of 2007 a devastating fire occured at our house in Watchung, NJ. We had to tear down the shell of our home and start fresh. I found Nitzan Design on the internet and we immediately clicked on the phone. His tasteful website, and choice of music from my favorite movie 'Life is beautiful', made me even more inclined to use his services. He was easy to talk to, articulate, full of ideas, friendly and enthusiastic. After numerous discussions we realized we didn't need an expensive architect, but rather a creative genius like Nitzan who could design the entire house and have an inexpensive builders architect translate Nitzan's plan into carefully executed architectural blueprints. Nitzan worked brilliantly with all the vendors, contractors and builders. I can honestly say that the house turned out to be beyond our wildest dreams. Working with Nitzan was a joy from day one and truly one of the high points of my life. Together we designed what became the most incredible house I could have ever imagined, while at the same time I enjoyed the distinct pleasure of the company and friendship of two wonderful human beings. Nitzan, and Dale, were so focused on our project that we felt like we were their only clients, although that was of course not true. They just had unbelievable energy and devotion to make something beautiful and special, and took such pride in their work. No detail was left unturned and hundreds of emails were exchanged with regard to everything from start to finish. When I say they were involved from the beginning I really mean it. Nitzan was involved in every step, including but not limited to: A. Orientation of new house- as this changed from the prior house to allow for better sun exposure and use of property and garages etc... B. Initial interior and exterior floor plans, including ceiling heights on all floors including basement. Extreme level of detail. C. All windows and doors and heights and materials. D. Interior architectural details. For example, Nitzan had the ceiling above the kitchen lowered 6 inches to add architectural interest, he had a half wall installed between dining area and kitchen with a very specific wood over the top of wall to finish it beautifully. He used pocket doors in many locations to add a sleekness and clean line. He had custom wood vent covers made instead of us having to purchase unattractive metal ones. E. Kitchen design. F. Materials for all cabinetry. G. Bathroom fixtures. H. Entire lighting plan. Including choosing all outlets and fixtures/ switches that were as beautiful and modern as the rest of the house. I. Basement design. Basement became full one bedroom apartment. J. All flooring, hinges, door handles, tiles. K. Staircase design And so much more... When the building of the house was done we then began the interior finishing process. NItzan designed: A. Built in office shelving B. Breakfast nook C. Custom kitchen table and foyer table D. Floating custom dining buffet E. LIghting Fixtures F. All furniture G. Outdoor lighting fixtures and again, so much more.... H. Of course paint colors, window treatments etc.... I. Art work J. Flowers/ branches for vase on foyer table I highly recommend Nitzan Design to anyone in need of design services for residential and/ or commercial projects from small to large scale. There is nothing with which I wouldn't trust them. They have the highest ethical and professional standards, and their creativity, dedication, energy and enthusiasm is that of which one can only dream. Believe me- I lived through the experience. I loved every moment of it and you will too. Good luck with your new project. You will be amazed as it starts to unfold!!!


We hired Nitzan to assist in the gut renovation of a "classic 7" prewar apartment on the Upper West side of New York in the summer of 2012. We were attracted to his design language and the beautiful projects he has completed in the New York and elsewhere. We checked references and hired him to help us transform our new place into an attractive modern home. Not only were we thrilled by the outcome (photos to come), but the process itself was a joy as well. Nitzan is a phenomenally talented individual with an incredible sense for esthetic and beauty. He is also a true gentleman, kind, generous and understanding. He is a great listener and has the wisdom and experience to translate his clients wishes into a reality they could not have imagined themselves. We are incredibly proud of the outcome - we have a stunning living room and a beautiful master bedroom suite (with his signature wood/fabric wall) that create a warm, soothing and welcoming environment in our new home. They have elevated our renovation to a different level and have brought us true joy in our new home. We believe Nitzan is destined to national acclaim in this field (it appears he has just launched a fully-featured website) and feel fortunate to have hired him before too many others have found out about him. Upper West Side Family of 5

-Michael Ronen

My husband and I were fortunate to meet Nitzan and his partner Dale in 2008 when we renovated our newly purchased Tribeca Loft. After reviewing the Nitzan Design website we fell in love with their style and taste on the completed projects and contacted them immediately. It was a wonderful experience to work with them and we were incredibly happy with the results.
11 years later, we had to temporarily move out of our loft for necessary fireproofing work and decided to renovate. We did not consider for a second looking elsewhere for an interior designer as we were so impressed with Nitzan Design the first time around. They were very happy to hear from us and it felt like we had reconnected with old friends! As you can see from the photos (“Sugar Warehouse Loft”) Nitzan Design did a phenomenal job!! They did not disappoint; in fact Nitzan’s talents over the years are even more impressive!  

It was once again such a joy to work with Nitzan and Dale. We ended up doing a gut renovation and they made what I considered to be an overwhelming experience into something enjoyable. They took time to listen to our needs (Dale remembers literally everything!) and were always considerate of our budget. They were very responsive and worked hard on the project, directly coordinating with third parties ensuring all work was completed perfectly including any issues or problems that arose. Any other parties brought in by them were also very professional.
We loved every suggestion made by Nitzan and admire his sense of timeless style. Nitzan and Dale helped us to create a modern yet warm living environment with their elegant designs of furniture, fabrics and rugs from the marvelous Nitzan Home furniture collection. Their custom millwork and kitchen cabinets with lighting are top notch; our bathrooms were designed with stunning results.
Nitzan and Dale have a unique quality of first class creative talent blended with patience, kindness and sincerity. Their work is of highest standard at a fair price.  
We love our new apartment and feel fortunate to have worked with them (twice) while becoming friends in the process. We hope we can work together again in the future!

-Tania Sri

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